Judy Takács Paints People


The single identifying feature that makes you YOU…is your face. And, for almost all of the paintings you will see here, I got all down and dirty with the face, just the face and nothing but the face.

All the tiny, complex, deliciously specific features that define these people are painted with delight and joy. These portraits attempt to be intensely truthful…if not profoundly flattering. The people in them are larger than life size, so if you don’t like your face, you will like it even less if it’s extra large and and staring back at you.

But maybe we should like our faces better…I sure do. The more wrinkles, pimples, stray hairs and pock marks you have…the more spice and fun they are to paint.  Please enjoy my people, make some friends, get lost in some details, and discover some beauty. 

Now, go to the mirror and look for some beauty of your own…
you may just have quite a bit more than you thought you did!

Judy Takács


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Many paintings available for purchase, prices start at $3000.
Please inquire at judytakacs@me.com.

And check out my blog about my ongoing ballsy project,
Chicks with Balls:


Above: “Controlling Mom Controlling Self…Portrait”, winner of an Honorable Mention at the Portrait Society of America’s Members Only Show and Third Place at the Butler Institute of American Art’s 2012 Area Artists Show.

Let’s Face It…